Bizarre Food in Thailand: The World’s Most Unique, and Weird, Food (Video)

Bull penis, anyone?
Bull penis, anyone?


If you’ve never been to Thailand, you may be amazed at how much food there is. It is everywhere. On every street, loaded onto carts or cooking at street stalls, in hundreds of thousands of small restaurants, cafes and hotels. No matter what kind of food you’re looking for, you’ll find it in Thailand — even the most bizarre food in the world.

Have you ever eaten bamboo worms or fried crickets? (I have, they’re delicious and fried insects in Bangkok are very popular), Single-serve fried catfish on a stick served with fried chillis? How about ant larvae? Roasted frogs on a stick? Pig brain soup? Bull penis soup?

You’ll find all these bizarre foods in Thailand, and many many more.

For the best way to find out about bizarre food in Thailand, watch this incredible video from one of my favorite foodies, the Travel Channel’s Andrew Zimmern.  In it, he travels around Bangkok sampling some of Thailand’s weirdest food and, at the same time, shows you just why most of it is so incredibly delicious and why most people living in Thailand (Thais and foreigners) love it so much. Bizarre Thai food, or not.