Blythe Fresh Light Bubble Hair Dye by Schwarzkopf – Thais Just Love the Japanese

I’m always fascinated by how Thais will buy just about anything Japanese. One of the latest crazes in Thailand, for young girls and women, are the Blythe Fresh Light bubble hair dyes – with a photograph of the world’s creepiest doll, Blythe, on the cover of every box.

Fresh Light bubble hair dyes come in a fair few shades – Berry Ash, Vanilla Beige, Melty Cherry, Juicy Apricot and Caramel Brown – and being a foam hair dye, they’re easy to apply.



Friends tell me they smell a bit strongly of ammonia, but they really do the job and the color seems to last quite a long time. After the last hair dye I bought in Bangkok not lasting longer than two weeks, before it washed out to a weird funky dark blonde, I’m going to try Blythe Fresh Light hair dye (Caramel Brown for me) next week and I’ll report back with the results.

Besides at only about $8 a box, you really can’t complain if the Blythe Fresh Light color doesn’t last that long – unless your hair turns green, that is.