British Woman, Sarah Crutchley, Killed After Fall From Thailand Waterfall,

A popular outing for many in Thailand is to visit one of the country’s many beautiful waterfalls. That’s what 30 year old British woman Sarah Crutchley, a new arrival in Thailand, was doing over last week’s Songkran holiday, when she slipped and fell off the waterfall and was killed.

According to her friends, she’d gone with a small group of trainee teachers to Ton Nga Chang waterfall in southern Thailand and had attempted to climb to the top. Halfway up, her foot slipped in shallow water and she lost her balance and fell. After grabbing a rock for a couple of seconds, Sarah fell over the edge and down to the 300 foot drop below.

Sarah had only been in Thailand for three weeks and was in the middle of a TEFL teaching course in the town of Hat Yai, so she could stay in the country and teach. According to a news story in the Dorset Daily Echo, she had written “So excited by the prospect of (teaching) in Thailand. Reckon it will be the best (thing) I ever do.”

As someone who taught in Thailand for years, it makes me sad that Sarah never got the chance to see what a wonderful experience teaching here is. She would have loved it.