Buddhist Books on the Back of Bangkok Bus Seats — Daily Photo

Buddhist books Bangkok buses


One interesting thing I’ve noticed lately is Buddhist books hanging on the back of bus seats in Bangkok. The books have been put in clear plastic bags and then draped over the back of two seats. Several buses I have been on here in northern Bangkok have had books on the back of every pair of seats, while others have had them on just a few.

When I asked Thai friends if the Buddhist books had been left there by the bus company or by a local Buddhist temple or organization, they guessed the company that publishes the books was leaving them for passengers to read.

A nice idea, I thought, as I know many older Thais worry younger Thais may not always be as devoutly Buddhist as they would want them to be (although, as a westerner, you’ll usually find most Thais, even the young, not only believe in Buddhism but take it quite seriously in their own ‘Thai way’).

Unfortunately, I haven’t actually seen anyone reading the books yet but I’m sure some do. In fact, even one of my close Thai friends who was with me at the time told me she’d probably pick one up to read if she was traveling alone. Besides, it can’t hurt to have Buddha on your side when you’re riding in a speeding Bangkok bus. Surely.

By the way, check out this link to another of our articles if you’re interested in buying Buddhist books in English in Bangkok to learn more about the religion/philosophy.