Buffalo Therapy Proving Effective for Autistic Children in Lop Buri, Thailand

buffalo therapy autistic kids thailand


When you think about autistic children in Thailand, you may not think about letting them ride buffaloes. Something called ‘Buffalo Therapy’, however, is proving to be quite successful at the Artillery Centre in Lop Buri, Thailand when it comes to therapy for children diagnosed with autism.

In the program, children with autism are kitted out with safety helmets and pads, and the buffalo have protective covers put on their horns. Then the kids are allowed to ride the buffalo and, surprisingly or not, they’re responding really well.

The soldiers helping with the therapy at the Artillery Centre say riding the buffalo not only helps the children with their body balance but also improves their fine motor skills and even helps with their ability to communicate. Riding the buffalo also seems to make the kids less aggressive.

While in the program, the kids are also assessed on their skills and reactions to specific things, as well as given art and music therapy.

Seriously. Buffalo Therapy. How cool is that? And what a great program.