Bull’s Head Pub Closing Down in Bangkok – Disagreement With Landlord Causes Closure


Sad news today. The Bull’s Head, recently voted ‘Best British Pub in Thailand’ will be closing down. And soon. On Thursday, July 14th to be exact. Yep, that soon.

Apparently, the pub owners have been going through disagreements with their landlord for a few months (if it’s anything like usual Thai landlord problems, we’d guess they were wanting exorbitantly higher rents), but they just found out this week they’re being kicked out of their premises.

Luckily though, rumor has it The Bull’s Head owners are frantically looking for new premises and plan on re-opening as fast as they can. But, after next week, there’ll be no more Pub Quiz, Toss the Boss, comedy nights or that wonderful friendly atmosphere until they do.

But, we truly believe good things always come out of bad situation. We wish The Bull’s Head good luck in finding even better premises and look forward to when their doors open. We’ll definitely be one of the first through the door for a pint and a meal.

And, of course, keep checking back to Tasty Thailand. We’ll let you know where The Bull’s Head is moving to as soon as they find out.