Burger King in Thailand Doesn’t Have a Website, So How Do You Place a To Go Order?

Burger King menu

Why doesn’t Burger King in Thailand have a website?

Not a question I can answer, except to say they don’t. In fact, it’s something I didn’t even know myself as I rarely eat at Burger King but, the other day I felt like ordering a home delivery from Burger King in Bangkok so I went online to find their website. Their non-existent website, as it turns out.

Apparently, if you want to order home delivery from Burger King in Bangkok, you have to go to one of their social network pages just to find the menu – Facebook, or Pinterest, (don’t bother with Twitter as they opened that account in 2011 and haven’t done anything with it yet) (really, guys???).

There you’ll find menus of what you can order from Burger King in Bangkok or elsewhere around the kingdom but, with no prices on either of the menus they have up, you won’t exactly know how much it’s going to cost you.

As for the phone number to call to order a home delivery from Burger King in Thailand, that took me another five minutes to find — it’s 1112.

So, after 10 minutes spent looking for a Burger King website in Thailand, did I eventually manage to place a to go order with Burger King last week? Nope. I gave up and called McDonald’s instead.

McDonald’s has a website in Thailand and a menu with prices, and they make it very easy for you to place a to go order. What more could you want?