Burma (Myanmar) to Introduce Electronic Visas; Thailand Still Years Behind

Burma isn’t waiting – it’s moving ahead fast, and will overtake Thailand quickly – copyright cambodia4kidsorg – Creative Commons License

That Thailand is still just a tiny step up from a third world country in all but money is hard to deny. Backward, and ignorant about things like freedom of speech and human rights, every year Thailand continues to show it’s backwardness in other areas too, but most importantly in the difficulty of getting visas to visit the country.

Burma, however, a country that supposedly IS third world, has just announced they will be issuing electronic visas for visits there online in the next month.

And some people wonder why common opinion by many westerners is, now Burma is opening up, Thailand won’t see it for dust as it gets left further and further behind, not only by tourists but by business too.

“We are trying to introduce an e-visa system from March that would allow international visitors to apply for a visa from anywhere via the internet before visiting Myanmar,” Tourism Minister Tint San told the Myanmar Times. That alone should help Burma (Myanmar) increase the number of tourists that visit the country every year.

See, while Myanmar obviously gets it. Thailand……just…….doesn’t.

Neighboring Cambodia has also been issuing electronic visas for several years.

Thailand? You still have to trek to a consulate or embassy, or mail in an application, and that is likely to be the situation for the foreseeable future.

After all, Thailand likes to make it as difficult as possible for its tourists, don’t ya know.