Buy ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’ Cheap on DVD in Thailand

a good day to die hard

Why you should buy ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’ on DVD in Thailand

I’m unabashed to say, I love the Bruce Willis Die Hard series of movies. So, when I saw ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’ on DVD at Mangpong, my local Thai DVD shop, I knew it was going to be an insta-buy. Then, when I looked at the price and realized I could buy ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’ cheaper on DVD in Thailand than anyone can in Europe or the US, I felt almost guilty. Well……not quite.

That’s why I wanted to let you know, if you’ll be in Thailand on business or holiday any time soon, you can pick up A Good Day to Die Hard and a ton of other American, European and Japanese movies far cheaper than in the US or Europe at most Thai DVD shops. They ARE, of course, legitimate movies and not the bootleg copies often purchased in Thailand (they’re even cheaper!)

The price I paid for ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’ on DVD in Bangkok? 379 baht or approximately $12.06 at current exchange rates. In the US on some of the online DVD sellers? $19.24 plus shipping, so quite a bit more expensive.


Warnings about buying DVDs in Thailand

Just as a quick addition to this, however, do make sure you check two things when you buy any DVD in Thailand.

1) That the DVD is made for ‘All regions’ or that you have a ‘region free’ DVD player at home. That is because most Thai DVDs are for ‘Zone 3’, which means, oddly, they’ll usually play in Europe no problem (which is Zone 2), but not in America if you only have an American region DVD player. They will, however, usually play on your computer.

2) Don’t buy a Thai DVD that is ‘Thai only’ as, even if it’s an American movie like ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’, there will be no subtitles and it will be dubbed in Thai.

You can usually tell which are these types of DVDs without even checking the back, however, as they’re much cheaper. (The Thai version of ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’ for instance, is only 179 baht ($5.70) but, if you don’t understand Thai, that’s not going to help you much.