Calbee’s Fried Potato Sticks Jaxx Veggie: A Nice Change from Chips

Jaxx Veggie Thailand


If you’re looking for a snack that’s a bit of a change from your usual potato chips, you might want to grab a bag of a new Calbee snack — Fried Potato Sticks Jaxx Veggie. They’re a fried snack (sure, not healthy, but once in a while won’t kill you!) from Japanese snack maker Calbee and are made from dried potatoes, tomatoes and pumpkins. They’re actually quite tasty.

You’ll find Calbee’s Fried Potato Sticks Jaxx Veggie in the potato chips and snack aisle at your local Thai supermarket. They’re currently selling for 19 baht a bag (around 58 cents) at the Tesco Lotus near me, but I’ve also seen them for sale at Tops and Big C.

I ate them as my side dish for my usual lunch meal of a mackerel sandwich and, because the bag is 60 grammes in weight, I actually ate one bag over two meals, as I think it’s healthier that way.

Of course, if you’re too lazy to shop yourself, you can even place your grocery order on Big C’s website and grab a couple of bags of Calbee’s Fried Potato Sticks Jaxx Veggie while you’re at it.