Can You Eat in Chiang Mai on 100 Baht a Day? Watch This Video To See How


There’s a wonderful new website popped up in Chiang Mai called Since I discovered it a few days ago, I’ve been addicted to their videos, which are professionally produced and just beautiful. Watching them is also a wonderful way to see what Chiang Mai really looks like.

Today, I stumbled across this Open Chiang Mai video – Living on 100 Baht a Day in Chiang Mai – Is it Possible?  The video follows Alex Putnam, a farang guy living in Thailand, for a day and shows which restaurants he goes to and what he eats, to be able to live on 100 baht a day in Chiang Mai.

He eats three quite big meals for his 100 baht, even manages to buy a can of beer and still has 2 baht left over. Not bad, eh?

I knew living in Chiang Mai was cheap, but wasn’t sure it was that cheap. Watch the video. It’s awesome, Chiang Mai looks beautiful, and Alex Putnam is a natural presenter.