Chang Beer Can Tuk-Tuks – Daily Photo

beer can tuk tuk thailand
Chang beer tuk-tuks — copyright yeowatzup, Creative Commons


Like any country, Thailand has more than its fair share of tacky souvenirs. But, in my opinion, Chang beer can tuk-tuks (and their counterparts the Singha beer can tuk-tuks) are not one of them. Crafted out of nothing more than bits of plastic toys and old beer cans, Chang beer can tuk-tuks are awesome.

If you’re in Thailand and wanting a holiday souvenir that will remind you how much you loved it here, you can pick up Chang beer can tuk-tuks all over the place.

Don’t, however, do what this guy did and shop at tourist-traps like Patpong Night Market, the tackiest and most expensive market in Bangkok. He ended up paying around 400 baht ($14) for a Chang beer can tuk-tuk that should not have been bought for more than 130 baht ($4.30) and, if you bargain hard, you can get them even cheaper.

Interestingly too, you can tell how popular Chang Beer is in Thailand as the owner of the company that makes the beer is Thailand’s second richest person. Yep, he’s worth a fair few billion.

By the way, these fabulous beer can tuk-tuks don’t just come in Chang and Singha models. They’re also available for Tiger beer fans, Heineken, Carlsberg and a slew of other types of bars. Or, if you’re not a beer drinker, why not grab one in a Pepsi or Coke style, instead?