Cheapest way from Suvarnabhumi Airport to downtown Bangkok, Thailand?

One of the things first-time visitors to Bangkok, Thailand want to know is what is the cheapest way from Suvarnabhumi Airport to downtown Bangkok?

After all, depending on the type of transportation you decide to take, you can get into Bangkok from Suvarnabhumi quickly and cheaply, or very slowly and at a much higher cost.

So, what is the cheapest way from Suvarnabhumi Airport to downtown Bangkok and is it easy to do? Especially for someone that has never visited the Thai capital before?

Cheapest way from Suvarnabhumi Airport to downtown Bangkok

Without any doubt, both the cheapest and fastest way to get into downtown Bangkok when you have just arrived at the city’s main airport is on the Airport Rail Link. The express and commuter train that can get you to Phaya Thai station in downtown Bangkok in less than 30 minutes.

From here, you can easily travel to many other places in the city using the BTS sky train from Phaya Thai station.

How much does the Airport Rail Link cost into Bangkok?

The current fare is 45 baht, which is roughly equivalent to $1.45.

You can catch the Airport Rail Link at Suvarnabhumi Airport on the basement level. If you are not sure where that is, there are signs all over the airport. Just follow them.

How much does a taxi cost from Suvarnabhumi Airport to downtown Bangkok? 

As you will likely want to compare the cost of a taxi from Suvarnabhumi Airport before taking the Airport Rail Link, the cost of a taxi into Bangkok can be anywhere from 300 to 600 baht ($9.50 – $19). This depends on the time of day and the traffic.

It is not just the cost that is important, however. This is because traffic is often horrendous everywhere in the city, and a trip in a taxi into town could easily take an hour and 15 minutes or more, if you get stuck in one of Bangkok’s many traffic jams.

The last time I took a taxi due to traveling with an enormous suitcase, it took an hour and 10 minutes to get from the airport to an area close to Phaya Thai station, and it cost me 475 baht. More than 10 times the cost of an Airport Rail Link fare, and double the amount of time.

This is how you do it 

While I was getting ready to write this article, and doing research to check prices and times, I came across this excellent video from Novotel Bangkok Hotel on Siam Square.

They have put together a quick explanation of how to get from Suvarnabhumi Airport to downtown Bangkok and, in particular, to the 4-star Novotel Bangkok on Siam Square.

If you are looking for an affordable and convenient Bangkok hotel, it is a very nice place and, as is explained in the video below, it only takes around 40 minutes from Suvarnabhumi right to the hotel’s lobby.

It only costs 68 baht too. Watch their easy to understand explanation about the Airport Rail Link in the video below.

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