Coffee World: Bangkok, Thailand’s Best Chain Coffee House

When I first moved to Bangkok, Thailand and discovered a Thai coffee shop franchise called Coffee World I was ecstatic.

That is because there are well over 50 branches of Coffee World in Bangkok, with many more in Chiang Mai, Phuket, Lopburi and other cities all over Thailand. Coffee World serves wonderful premium coffees, teas and fruit juice drinks with a taste that surpasses Starbucks and a price that’s cheaper.

Coffee World is part of Synergia Group of Companies (GFA) and has also has coffee shop branches in China, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Burma, and United Arab Emirates.

Coffee World Cafes – I enjoy going to Coffee World cafes in Bangkok as they are all well designed, have comfortable seating and are pleasant to hang out at.¬† In fact, the way Coffee World cafes in Bangkok are designed, in many of the branches it feels like you’re hanging out in your own living room it is that comfortable.

Cafes vary from small kiosk-style shops selling just coffee, tea and cake to full-scale large cafes serving every drink imaginable plus not only cake but real food too. The first branch of Coffee World opened in Bangkok in 1995 and was so successful, expansion came soon after.

Now, with so many attractive Coffee World locations in Bangkok to choose from, it is easy to stop off for a coffee or a bite to eat, no matter where in Bangkok you are.

Coffee World Drinks – Coffee World has a huge selection of drinks. Hot lattes, iced lattes, green tea drinks, espressos, fruit shakes, coke, hot teas and, of course, plain coffee.

One thing I love about the coffee chance is, at every branch, drinks are always consistent in the way they taste and hot drinks are always served piping hot. I love Coffee World hot lattes too, as they are smooth and mellow, not bitter and acrid like at Starbucks.

Coffee World Food – Like most coffee shops, Coffee World cafes serve cakes, cheesecake, cookies and muffins. They’re also popular for their wrap sandwiches, bagels and, of course, the delicious waffles. You can order a waffle with strawberry sauce, a waffle with syrup or, the most popular item, a chocolate waffle with ice cream and chocolate sauce.

The cafe’s food is great for a quick breakfast or lunch, if you just want to grab a fast bite to eat rather than a huge sit down meal.

Coffee World Prices – Coffee World is a chain so, as such, does have prices higher than the average Thai coffee shop.¬†However, for the same size drinks, they’re around 30 cents lower per drink than Starbucks and, to me, the taste is better as well.

Food prices are less expensive than chains selling similar food and the quality is always high.With so many coffee shops in Bangkok, both independent cafes and chains, Coffee World has established a niche in the Thai market that will likely serve them well in years to come.

They do have high competition, with more cafes starting up every day, but the strategy Coffee World has followed since opening their first cafe 15 years ago has worked for them.

So, if you are in Bangkok and looking to try a new coffee shop, stop off at one of the many Coffee World’s in the city and give them a chance.

My favorite branches of Coffee World in Bangkok are at Central Silom, Mahboonkrong (MBK) mall, Khao San Road and all three branches at Siam Paragon mall.