Complaints About Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok Continue Through Twitter

I had to laugh today. Reading The Nation, one of Thailand’s two main English-language newspapers, there was an article about people tweeting Nation Group Editor-in-chief Suthichai Yoon (@suthichai)¬†with their numerous complaints about Suvarnabhumi Airport. Mostly about the airport’s terrible immigration staff.

With complaints like:

@TanPraweenamai: I have just had experience of 4X 100m relay race. I had 5 minutes to board my plane at the furtherest gate because I had to wait at immigration for hours. (Yep, I can commiserate – it happens to me almost every time I fly out of Suvarnabhumi as Thailand’s immigration staff is the slowest on the planet).

@Tivaporn: I see with my own very eyes. Not only not enough immigration officials but they are slow (many are seniors). One official probably probably just finished eating, toothpick still in his mouth.

@NaraMaew: Immigration officials at scanning machine should show better manners towards passengers. Do not be misled that making a face and yelling at the public makes you look professional.

Not surprisingly the complaints are mainly about Suvarnabhumi’s immigration staff who are, I think, the most miserable bunch of officials I’ve ever seen at any airport – plus they are painfully slow at everything they do, and genuinely unfriendly.

Then of course complaints about Suvarnabhumi’s ridiculously expensive food (I have not eaten there in eons, as most restaurants are too expensive — instead, I take a snack with me and just buy a drink) and the taxi service – run by the Thai mafia and out to scam as many people as possible.

Yet again, unfortunately, it just proves Suvarnabhumi Airport may look beautiful, but until airport authorities and Thai immigration start fixing the many problems, it is nothing more than just an embarrassment to Thailand.