Crocodiles Escape Crocodile Farm in Ayuttayah, Thailand as Floods Hit

Stuffed crocodile outside a pet shop in Bangkok - not one of the ones that escaped from Ayuttayah


As more flooding hit the city of Ayuttayah, just an hour away from Bangkok, yesterday, around 25 crocodiles escaped from a crocodile farm as the waters hit the farm and rose. The crocodiles were in their usual pens but, as the water became deeper and overflowed the pens, it was easy for them to escape. Officials in the area are warning anyone wading through water, or anywhere close to it, to be aware of their surroundings as they may come across one.

Luckily, the crocodiles are only about a meter long so, although dangerous, are not as deadly as those that are larger.

The crocodiles were meant to eventually be used as leather for handbags, belts and shoes, so they’re probably thrilled they’ve finally managed to get away. And, with the farm still flooded, and more water expected, it’s unlikely they’ll be captured soon.

The incident in Ayuttayah is the second time crocodiles have escaped from a crocodile in Thailand in just the last few weeks. In the middle of September in Pattaya, south of Bangkok, at least 20 escaped from a flooded crocodile farm. These crocodiles were much larger but, luckily, most were recaptured within just a few hours.