Daddy Dough Donuts – Thailand’s Local Donut Shops

Outside a Daddy Dough in Bangkok, Thailand - copyright Tasty Thailand

Daddy Dough is a Bangkok-based donut company with franchises now in several countries, but with its main operations still in Bangkok. Started in 2006 by Peter Thaveepolcharoen, there are already branches in Bon Marche market on Prachaniwet 1, on Silom, and on Sathorn Road in Bangkok, as well as at several area hypermarkets and other locations in Pattaya.

I’ve only had Daddy Dough donuts once and, as a westerner, they just don’t tasteĀ  like donuts to me. They’re very sweet, and loaded with toppings, so much so the donut disappears in a mound of sweet gooey stuff. The texture of the donut too, just doesn’t seem right. Thais however seem to love them, particularly as they’re a local brand.

But one wonderful thing about Daddy Dough is how many choices of donut they have – the last time I counted, almost 50 types, from green tea, coffee, nut, jam, jellies and lots of chocolate ones. So, if you’re looking for a big choice, Daddy Dough is the place to shop.

Overall, for my personal taste, I have to say I prefer Mr. Donut, but if you’re looking to support a Thai company and you like a sweet donut, try Daddy Dough. They’re a local concern and that’s always a good thing to help along.