Daiso Shops in Bangkok, Thailand: Everything for 60 Baht ($1.95)

animal repellent thailand
A rack of animal repellents at Daiso. Cat repellent, dog, slug, rat and mice, and snake repellent

Daiso shops in Bangkok, Thailand sell almost everything for 60 baht

I am a huge fan of the Daiso stores in Bangkok, Thailand.

Daiso is a Japanese chain, similar to the Dollar Store in the US, except that most of the items in Daiso cost 60 baht or $1.95 and almost all the products they sell are excellent quality — particularly as the majority of them are made in Japan.

What does Daiso sell?

Yesterday, I was at Daiso as I needed a new pair of scissors and the ones they sell tend to be better quality than similar priced ones at Tesco, Big C or B2S. The Thai friend I was with was there to buy bread-baking pans and muffin tins (yes, they also are only 60 baht or $1.95 each and are beautiful quality), as well as a small chocolate-melting pan, a spatula and a flour sieve.

These, however, are just a few of the things Daiso in Bangkok sells as, even though Daiso shops are usually quite small they are packed with thousands of items.

Cooking supplies like ladles, spoons, mixing bowls, baking tins, cheese graters, garlic presses, spaghetti tongs, strainers, measuring cups and egg brushes.

Stationary, pens and pencils, erasers, stickers, notebooks, post-it notes, post-it note holders and packing tape.

Ornaments, rice bowls and noodle bowls, candle holders, soy sauce containers, mustard dishes, wooden boxes, chopsticks, and rice paper.

Pillows, toys, cushion covers, tissue box holders, toilet paper holders, brushes and dust pans, toilet brushes, plant pots, soil, slippers, plastic food containers, Japanese lunch boxes, baby wipes, slippers, ties, sewing supplies, hair brushes, insect repellent, snake repellent sleeping masks, Japanese candy, ties, socks and on and on.

Almost everything Daiso in Bangkok sells costs 60 baht. If it doesn’t, that’s because it is a small or cheaper item so the cost for those is usually two or three items for 60 baht.

Where are Daiso shops in Bangkok, Thailand?

Since they opened a few years ago, Daiso shops have become so popular in Bangkok they are popping up everywhere. Plus, as they offer franchises for sale, Thai business owners are buying them so we are getting even more branches around the city. Not that I am complaining.

My favorite Daiso shops in Bangkok are at Siam Square Soi 3, the Silom Complex, Esplanade shopping mall, J Avenue Thonglor, The Mall Bangkapi, The Avenue Ratchayothin, Crystal Design Center and Central Pinklao.

Altogether, however, there are over 50 Daiso shops in Bangkok and more opening all the time, so there is bound to be one close to you. If you are not sure where, ask at your hotel or apartment reception desk. Thai friends too are sure to know.

Find out more about Daiso in Thailand at their website. At the moment, all the information is in Thai but the photographs will show you the products Daiso is currently selling and their price.