Dancing With The Stars Thailand Begins: Natalie Glebova Dances (Video)

natalie glebova dancing with the stars thailand


I don’t watch a lot of Thai TV as, frankly, it’s not usually very good. So, when a Thai friend was remarking on the new Dancing With The Stars Thailand this week, I had no idea what she was talking about.  But after a little research it seems, as Thailand’s Got Talent (similar to Britain’s Got Talent) did so well in its first couple of seasons, Thai TV producers have decided Thailand should also have its very own Dancing With The Stars, so the country’s first season started last week.

The Thai friend in question was laughing about the show, saying hardly anyone on it could actually dance and a couple of people were downright awful. She also commented on how, unlike the British and American versions, the Thai version of Dancing With The Stars seemed to have had a problem getting any real ‘stars’ interested, as the only ones of any note were former Miss Universe and ex-Paradorm wife, Natalie Glebova, and a couple of minor celebrities.

All I can say is I watched the opening segment of the first show (see video below) and a couple of clips from the show and, no, Dancing With The Stars Thailand style is not my thing. It may, of course, be yours.

One video that is interesting, however, is the practice session for Natalie Glebova’s first dance, as well as the dance itself performed in front of a live audience (see below). The only thing that kept running through my mind while watching it is how on earth has she lived in Thailand for around six years, been married to a Thai and barely understands basic Thai let alone speaks it? Seriously. It’s not that difficult.

Dancing-wise, however, Glebova does quite well. But, girl, learn some Thai.

As for Dancing With The Stars Thailand, it can be seen on Channel 7 (Thailand) – every Tuesday night at 10:30pm


Opening Segment for Dancing With The Stars Thailand Style (Gangnam Style, of course!)

Natalie Glebova ‘Dancing With The Stars’ rehearsal video and first performance