Domestic flights cancelled throughout much of Thailand from Wednesday, July 21st

As Thailand’s economy worsens and most Thai airlines struggle to survive, domestic flights to and from Bangkok and other so-called ‘Covid-risk areas’ will not be flying as of Wednesday, July 21st.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) announced cancellations of all flights in ‘high-risk areas’ will begin on July 21st and remain cancelled until they say otherwise.

This, they say, is due to increasing Covid-19 infections around Thailand.

Medical flights will still fly, as will those connected to any of the government’s reopening programs (Phuket Sandbox, Samui Plus etc).

Domestic flights in other areas of Thailand will only be allowed to fly 50% full.

Meanwhile, airlines like Thai AirAsia are struggling to stay afloat, while the former national carrier Thai Airways is in its worst financial situation in its 60-year history.

No word yet on whether the Thai government will be helping these airlines financially, or if they will have to struggle along alone like many businesses in Thailand are currently having to do.

As Sangchai Theerakulwanich, chairman of the Federation of Thai SME told Bloomberg earlier this month:

“This round is much worse than last year, and millions of operators are suffering, If the situation is prolonged to the end of the year the nation will be in crisis, with 80% of us going bankrupt.”

Body-painting business owner Patcharabhorn Salacheep also complained about the lack of government help for most small businesses in Thailand:

“The government never compensated us for what we’re facing; what they offer are only debt restructuring and loans. They’re pushing us to create debts while we barely earn income.”

Most airlines too seem to be experiencing the same thing from the Thai government of Prayut Chan-o-cha — hints of possible financial help, but little actually transpiring.