Don Mueang Airport Not Dry Until New Year, 2012

Don Mueang Airport completely flooded - copyright NASA, Creative Commons License


In typical Thai fashion, the “good news” yesterday that Don Mueang Airport in Bangkok will be dry in three weeks has already been changed. Now, a Thai natural disaster expert,¬† Dr. Seri Supratid, says there’s little chance Don Mueang will be dry before the New Year. The reason? Because new flood waters are now being replenished from the northern run-off. Funny. The government said yesterday Don Mueang would be dry soon. Amazing no-one ever believes them about anything, isn’t it.

It’s been like this though since floods hit Bangkok over six weeks ago. The government says one thing. A Thai expert says something else. A third expert says something different. And none of them know what they’re talking about.

In fact, one thing many foreigners have learnt about Thais in authority during Bangkok’s floods, is few have common sense or the ability to think rationally, and most seem to just talk without thinking. Which is why, on every major news story about the floods, we’ve gotten three differing opinions in the space of a few hours and none of them are usually correct.

The Thai government now seems to be surprised many foreign investors are thinking of pulling their businesses out of Thailand, or expanding in other countries instead. But, when you can’t trust anything that comes out of a public figures’ mouth in Thailand, on any side, then why would you trust running¬† a business here?

Don Mueang, meanwhile, will be under water until 2012.