Easter at the Four Seasons Hotel in Bangkok: Lovely But Very Pricey

easter eggs four seasons


Looking for somewhere beautiful to celebrate Easter in Bangkok? The Four Seasons Hotel is the perfect place. Easter at the Four Seasons Hotel starts with an Easter Brunch, continues on with an Easter Afternoon Tea and some amazingly delicious cakes at the hotel’s gorgeous cafe. Be warned though, it’s definitely very pricey.

Easter Brunch at the Four Seasons in Bangkok is on Sunday, March 31st in the Parichart Court and has a similar style of food to their usual Sunday Brunch, just a little more lavish.

Of course, just like everything else the Four Seasons offers, it’s expensive at almost $128 a person (3,750 baht) or $64.50 for kids, but if you want something special, this might be it.

If that kind of money isn’t in your budget, however, but you still want to experience an extra special Easter, then the Easter Afternoon Tea may be just the event.

Far more affordable at around 1,000 baht ($34) or 1,400 baht ($47.60) if you want a glass of sparkling wine (Yes, unfortunately they are charging an astounding $13.60 extra for a glass of sparkling wine!) the Four Seasons’ Easter Afternoon Tea will be on both Saturday March 30th and Sunday March 31st — from 2pm to 6pm. You can enjoy it in the lobby area of the hotel.

And, don’t forget the Bangkok Four Seasons also has a very nice cafe, Mocha and Muffins, if you don’t want to spend a ridiculous amount of money on Easter but still want to be somewhere luxurious.

Here you’ll find extra special Easter chocolate treats (cute chocolate rabbits and eggs) as well as a very nice selection of delicious cakes and pastries. And yes, a latte and a chocolate treat are still affordable.

If you’d like to celebrate your Easter at the Four Seasons in Bangkok, you should make a reservation beforehand. Call (02) 126-8866 Ext: 1231-1232 if you want to make reservations for Easter Bunch and Ext: 1235 if Afternoon Tea is more your style.