Expat Vac yet another Thai vaccine website for foreigners, who are now betting on how long before it crashes

When it comes to Thai vaccine websites that actually work, there isn’t a single website in Thailand that does. At least when it comes to foreigners living in Thailand trying to register for a vaccine against Covid-19.

That’s because, in the last couple of months, numerous websites have been set up for foreigners living in Thailand who wish to get a vaccination against Covid-19.

Every website has crashed in a matter of days, if not hours, without most foreigners being able to register for anything.

Now, a few months into the latest Covid-19 panic in Thailand, and yet another Thai vaccine website for foreigners is about to kick off.

This one is called Expat Vac, and will go live on August 1st at 11am.

Chances are it will be down and worthless by 12pm.

Until then, it will be open to any foreigner who is resident in Thailand and over the age of 18.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs collaborates on latest Thai vaccine website for foreigners

The latest Thai vaccine website for foreigners was announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs this week.

They say it will go live tomorrow (August 1st), and will allow foreigners living in Thailand to register for a Covid-19 vaccine appointment.

Most foreigners will probably still be in bed, however, as in their experience none of these ‘government-run vaccine websites in Thailand’ are worth their time.

Expat Vac, the latest vaccine website in Thailand, has been developed with cooperation from the Ministry of Public Health, the Department of Disease Control and a number of consular affairs departments.

Since the new Thai vaccine website was announced, foreigners on social media are now betting Expat Vac will probably crash and be down permanently on August 2nd at the latest — 24 hours after it first goes live.

What is even scarier is, according to Thai officials, any information that has been entered into Thailand Intervac by foreigners before it crashed will be transferred to the new site. (Don’t hold your breath for that actually occurring, however, and don’t be surprised if there is a massive data leak if they try either).

In other words, don’t be surprised if foreigners living in Thailand are all over social media tomorrow afternoon complaining how Expat Vac doesn’t work, and won’t accept their vaccine appointment request.

Leaving us to ask, if a Thai vaccine website doesn’t work, why do authorities keep kicking off new ones instead of fixing the websites already in existence?

Meanwhile, according to Thai News Reports, all vaccination appointments made through the Mor Prom app on July 30th and 31st will have to be cancelled due to a technical glitch.

You couldn’t make this stuff up.