Expats in Phuket without a work permit can register for Covid-19 vaccine via Phuket Must Win website

Expats living in Phuket without a work permit can now register to get a Covid-19 vaccine.

Registration should be done via the local registration website Phuket Must Win, and NOT via the national vaccine registration website Thailand Intervac, as Phuket Must Win has been customized and localized for Phuket.

The fourth link on Phuket MustWin (the light blue link) is specifically labeled ‘Vaccination registration for non-work permit foreigners‘.

When clicked, expats will be taken to a registration form that asks for name, date of birth, passport information, visa type and address in Thailand.

Once completed, they will be able to choose a time and date for vaccination. They will then be able to be vaccinated at one of the special vaccination venues in Phuket.

There is also a link for Covid-19 vaccine registration for foreigners with work permits living in Phuket.

Any expats without a work permit living outside Phuket, appointments can be made on ThailandIntervac.

All appointments for foreigners in Thailand have currently been taken, however, so they may experience a wait.