FREE rides on Bangkok’s MRT Yellow Line for all commuters – here are the details

Photo of MRT Yellow Line train by Tarmashiba – Creative Commons License

Free rides on Bangkok’s MRT Yellow Line will be offered during specific hours — at first

The new MRT Yellow Line in Bangkok is about to kick off operations this month, with the 30.4 km elevated train system officially opening this weekend.

Along with that opening, the MRT has announced that, for one month, the Yellow Line monorail will offer free rides for all commuters beginning on Saturday, June 3rd.

Those free rides on the MRT Yellow Line will initially be between two time periods on Saturday — 9am to 12pm, and then again from 1pm to 5pm.

This will be done while officials make sure the monorail is working as it should.

MRTA officials have announced, however, if the launch is smooth and goes off as planned, the free rides on the MRT Yellow Line will then be extended until midnight every day through the end of June.

Where does Bangkok’s MRT Yellow Line travel from and to?

The new Yellow Line monorail system runs from Lat Phrao in northern Bangkok all the way to Samrong in the east, for a total of 30.4 kilometers or 18.9 miles.

Along that length of monorail line, there is a total of 23 stations (you will find a list of all stations here).

Ticket prices are likely to also be reasonable once fares kick in with the lowest priced ticket set back in 2016, when the prices were initally agreed upon, at only 14 baht (approximately 40 cents U.S.).

The highest ticket price back then was set at 42 baht ($1.23).

Now, seven years later, prices will, of course, be re-adjusted to take into consideration the consumer price index before the service is in full operation.

You can find more information about the MRT Yellow Line in Bangkok via the train service’s official website.

Or you can just head there on Saturday and give it a test run.

And, just in case you want to know all the details, the MRT has kindly put out an excellent video that tells you everything you need to know about the new MRT Yellow Line, including information about the stations, the Park and Ride locations and more.

You can watch that below. And yes, it has English subtitles.