Ghost Day Trailer: Thai Movie Release 23rd February, 2012 (Video)


Ghost Day is another fun movie coming out in Thailand this month. Thais are obsessed with ghosts while, at the same time, they’re terrified by them, and Phranakorn Movies is taking advantage of that with the Thai version of Ghostbusters.

In Ghost Day, two Thai exorcists are asked to prove that what they do is real by agreeing to be videotaped by a TV station for a television show. The story in and of itself, is a little odd as most Thais believe in ghosts and would definitely believe what these guys do is real. But……that’s the movies for you.

With Ghost Day though, the director,┬áThanit Jintanukul, manages to mix a great combination of horror and typical slapstick Thai comedy to make a very entertaining movie. The special effects aren’t bad either.

Check out the video trailer below, then see it at Thai movie theaters starting February 23rd, 2012.