Gig Warunee Through to Finals Round of Thailand’s Got Talent


Gig Warunee Suwanurak was back on Thailand’s Got Talent on Sunday night to take part in one of the semi-final rounds. If you’re not familiar with Gig Warunee, she’s a Thai singer who stunned the audience in the opening round when she came on stage, dissolved into tears she was so nervous, and then gave one of the best singing performances I’ve ever heard by a Thai. Ever.

In the semi-final round this week, she came on looking much more professional, with make-up and a cute hairstyle, but you could tell she was just as nervous. Her performance of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep”, though, didn’t show it at all.

Gig Warunee is one of the best Thai singers I’ve ever seen, and if she doesn’t win the 2012 Thailand’s Got Talent competition, then it’s hit an even bigger low than last year when the ‘winner’ was a Thai-Farang opera singer who was average at best. Gig did, however, win the Judge’s Choice vote, so she is through to the final. Yay!

Of course, this being “Some Country’s Got Talent”, there has to be drama somewhere. It turns out Gig Warunee may not be the uneducated, impoverished singer she first made herself out to be after it came out that she was once married to a farang (a westerner), which is likely where she learned some of her English skills, and she also has a career as a bar singer. This has angered some Thais, and so may have lost her viewer votes in the semi-finals.

Seriously, though, who cares. The woman has an incredible voice, and that alone should be the reason she wins.