Go Karting isn’t Exactly Cheap in Bangkok, Thailand

Go Kart Rental Bangkok


While I’ve never really been that tempted to try go karting in Bangkok, Thailand, I must admit the expensive price of both of the main go karting tracks that offer it in the city is one of the big reasons why.

At 500 baht (or $15.52) for just 8 minutes in a go kart, the price for go karting in Bangkok is on a similar level as go karting tracks in the United States. Yet this is in a country with a cost of living only 30 percent of the US and with tracks that aren’t remotely up to the caliber of their American counterparts.

Friends who decided to head for a go karting track in Bangkok have also all said, while definitely a fun thing to do and one they really enjoyed, you do usually end up paying for at least two blocks of time, meaning just 16 minutes of entertainment ends up costing you over $31.

Add on a couple of beers and a dinner out, and it can end up being an expensive evening out. Not something any of them wanted to do more than once.

If, however, you do feel like taking advantage of one of the go karting tracks in Bangkok, the main one is at Easy Kart RCA, close to the massive RCA entertainment complex.

The other one (the one I took the photograph at), is at Motorsportsland and is located on Pahonyothin Road on the opposite side of the street as Central Mall and just a couple of blocks down. Don’t check out their website, though, as Google currently reports it as an ‘attack site’.