Gold Prices Down 150 Baht Since Yesterday

gold bar


Don’t say I didn’t tell you selling your gold in Thailand was a good idea yesterday, after the price of Thai gold went up 300 baht since Friday. Today, as you might expect, gold prices are down again, with Thai gold down 150 baht since yesterday. That means, if you didn’t sell your Thai gold yesterday, you’ll get 150 baht per baht weight (around $5.20) less today.

Prices for Thai gold for today, April 9th, 2013, are as follows:


The buying price (ie: what you’ll get if you sell your gold in Thailand) is at 21,330.12 baht per baht-weight for gold ornaments and 21,650 baht per baht-weight for gold bar.

The selling prices (ie: what you’ll have to pay for Thai gold if you buy it) is at 22,150 baht per baht-weight for gold ornaments, and 21,750 baht per baht-weight for gold bar.

Gold prices change quickly from one day to the next. You were warned.