Gold Prices in Thailand Up 150 Baht on 28th September, 2013



Investing in gold in 2013 is still just about a ‘sure thing’ as latest gold prices in Thailand prove. According to the Thai Gold Traders Association, buying prices today are at 19,419.96 baht per baht of weight for gold ornaments (meaning jewelry or anything crafted from gold). As for the price of gold bar in Thailand, that’s now at 19,700 baht per baht of weigh.

If you want to buy gold in Thailand, you’ll currently pay 20,200 baht per baht of weight for anything crafted from gold, or 19,800 baht for baht of weight for gold bars.

What does this mean? That gold prices in Thailand, and everywhere else for that matter, seem to be steadily rising with gold prices in Thailand for today, September 28th, up 150 baht per baht weight, or $5, from just yesterday.

Thais, of course, invest heavily in gold with many choosing to keep their money in gold rather than in a bank. Not surprisingly really when you consider how unstable so many banks around the world are and how unscrupulous so many bankers. At least if you have any money in gold in 2013, current trends show it not only holding its value but increasing in it.

By the way, just in case you haven’t been taking note, gold prices in Thailand for 28th September, 2013 are up almost 1,400 baht ($45) per baht weight from July this year, when gold began to fall from its high of just three months previously. Not a bad return on your investment if you bought then and decide to sell now is all I can say.