Hachiban Closes Many of Its Thailand Restaurants Due to Floods and Supply Problems

Hachiban at Major Ratchayothin is temporarlly closed due to supply problems because of the Thai floods.

Even though floods in Thailand have not hit Bangkok, thousands of Thai businesses in the capital are still experiencing the impact of the floods.

With much of the north of the country flooded, supply lines are affected. So much so,  a number of Bangkok-based restaurants have had to temporarily close their doors.

Hachiban, the Japanese noodle chain, is one of those restaurants.

This weekend it closed more than 80 branches in the Thai capital and beyond, as it cannot get food and other supplies from its central kitchen in the north, due to it being flooded.

Hachiban is however only one of many restaurant chains losing money due to Thailand’s massive floods.

KFC, Sizzler, and Pizza Hut are also reporting a shrinking of the items available on their menus as, because of the floods, certain ingredients simply aren’t available.

At Major Ratchayothin today, the Hachiban is shuttered and closed with notices in Thai explaining why, and giving closure dates from the 15th to the 20th of October.

Other restaurants in the mall also had a lack of ingredients for certain dishes, with notices up saying some dishes would not be offered on the menu until the floods are under control, and the situation is back to normal.

The sign on the shutters at Major Ratchayothin Hachiban