Healthy Mate/Happy Mate Peanut Butter with Honey: Best Natural Peanut Butter in Thailand

Healty Mate Peanut Butter


I am in the process of going vegetarian, so I have started to buy a lot of natural foods I haven’t bought in a long time.

One of them is my favorite brand of natural peanut butter in Thailand —  Healthy Mate Peanut Butter (** July, 2018 — now called Happy Mate Peanut Butter). It is a natural peanut butter made from nothing more than Thai peanuts, honey, salt and brown sugar.

That means it is not loaded down with preservatives and chemicals a peanut butter like Jiffy has.

Healthy Mate Peanut Butter/Happy Mate Peanut Butter comes in two flavors. The original Peanut Butter flavor, which tastes light and fresh, and Peanut Butter with Honey, which is slightly sweeter than the original.

I normally buy the original flavor but tried the Healthy Mate Peanut Butter with Honey this week and have to say I really like it. It is not sweet and sickly like processed American peanut butter is, as it is not loaded with sugar or jam.

Instead, it is just slightly sweeter than the original version with a very mild honey flavor.

Healthy Mate Natural Peanut Butter also comes in creamy or extra crunchy, in both the original and honey flavors.

Healthy Mate also sells Almond Chocolate, a chocolate breakfast spread a bit like Nutella, Sesame Chocolate, which is similar but nuttier tasting, organic honey, tempeh, organic vinegar and a slew of other natural products.

Price-wise, Healthy Mate products are extremely inexpensive as well, so easily affordable for most.

The jar of Healthy Mate Peanut Butter with Honey I bought was just 65 baht ($2.10) and most of their other products are in the same price range.

In fact, if you compare the smaller Healthy Mate Peanut Butter jars to the larger American brands like Jiffy, you will actually find weight-by-weight they are about the same price, but Healthy Mate is a much more healthy product.

If Healthy Mate Natural Peanut Butter sounds like something you would like, and if you like a good peanut butter I highly recommend it, you can currently buy it at Gourmet Market at Siam Paragon, Villa Market, Foodland, some Tops supermarkets and many of the health stores in Bangkok.