Hortaewtak 4 in Thai Movie Theaters: Gays Fighting Ghosts….Cool


If you’re a fan of the odd genre of Thai horror-comedies, the ghost in a house full of gays movies, you may have been waiting for Hortaewtak 4. The Hortaewtak movies are a series of movies that are pretty much the same story in every movie, but they are incredibly popular in Thailand and Thais really do love them.

Of course, if you enjoy a completely camp movie where the humor is slapstick and really, really silly, you’ll love Hortaewtak 4 too.

In Hortaewtak 4, as in the first three, the story takes place in an apartment building occupied by mainly ladyboys and cross-dressers. A new tenant arrives, a young girl, but within days she is murdered. Soon everything is set up for the funeral and then all hell breaks loose as the ghost of the girl appears and the hauntings start.

When I first moved to Thailand, I didn’t enjoy this type of Thai movie at all. In recent years though, and maybe it’s just because I’ve become so ‘Thai’, but now I love, love, love them. They’re fun movies if you just want something that you don’t have to think about and, even though they’re definitely comedies, let me tell you Thai ghosts are still freaking scary.

Plus, come on, who wouldn’t love a movie that does a spoof on the topless Thai artist who caused such a scandal on Thailand’s Got Talent earlier this year when she painted with her bare boobs, but in this case it’s done by a short, chubby cross-dresser?

Hortaewtak 4 is currently playing at movie theaters all over Thailand. Check Movieseer for more information about show times.

Hortaewtak 4 was directed by Poj Arnon and stars Jaturong Mokjok, Koeti Aramboy, Paranyu Rojjanawutidham, Warut Woratham and Yingsak Chonglert-jetsadawong.