How Hot Is It In Thailand in April, 2013?

bangkok city hall


Just in case you’re not aware, Thailand is currently in the middle of an horrendous heatwave. Sure, it’s always hot in Thailand but, if you’ve lived here as long as I have, you’ll know that April, 2013 is hotter than it has been in some years past. So, just how hot is it in Thailand in April, 2013, and how much hotter is it expected to get?

Like any country, it depends which area of Thailand you’re currently in as to how hot it is. Bangkok, surprising to me, is actually quite a bit cooler than some other areas of the country right now, although when you’re standing in the middle of the intense heat you’d probably never know.

In fact, official temperatures in Thailand yesterday varied from 42.7°C (108.9ºF) in Kanchanaburi to Bangkok’s 37.5°C (99.5ºF).

That, however, isn’t the hottest Thailand has ever been as, in 1960, several areas of the country recorded a temperature of more than 44.05°C — that’s 111.20ºF for those of us who still think in Fahrenheit — and yes, that’s bloody hot.

As far as how hot it is in Thailand in April, 2013, according to the Thai Meteorological Office, it’s expected to get a bit hotter before April is out. They’re estimating temperatures as high as 43°C (109.40ºF) sometime this month.

That means, if you’re planning on a trip to Bangkok or anywhere else in Thailand in the next few weeks, pack plenty of lightweight clothes and wear a lot of sunscreen. Oh and yes, spend a lot of time in shopping malls. They’re air-conditioned and that’s where all the Thais are.