How Many People Have Died During Songkran 2012 in Thailand?


Every year over the Songkran (Thai New Year) holiday, hundreds of people die in Thailand in road accidents. Called the “Seven Dangerous Days” in Thailand, hundreds are killed due to driving too fast, drinking then driving, or from otherĀ  people throwing water or powder in their faces while they are riding motorbikes. The death toll for Songkran, 2012 is rising as it usually does, with 58 people killed on Thursday, bringing the 2012 Songkran holiday death toll to 88 people — and rising.

Every year Thais are warned about drinking and driving during Songkran and every year tens of thousands still do. That results in hundreds of Songkran-related deaths that the government says they will try to reduce next year. Unfortunately, it never happens.

The 2012 Songkran holiday death toll will continue to be calculated until Sunday evening when the holiday is officially over.