How Much Do Groceries Cost in Thailand?

People are always asking me how much groceries cost in Thailand. A question a bit difficult to answer as, like anywhere, it depends on what you buy.

If you buy a lot of imported groceries then sure, they’re expensive. But, if you stick to local Thai products, buying groceries at an average Thai supermarket is cheap.

Look at the photo above, just to illustrate how much 700 baht ($23.22) currently buys at a supermarket in Thailand. The supermarket I bought these things at, Villa, is actually more expensive than most other places so if you shopped elsewhere they’d be even cheaper.

But for $23.22, this is what I bought today. Bread, milk, a can of Campbells soup, stacks of fresh vegetables, a bottle of water, two packs of tissues, a roll of toilet paper, Lays potato chips, a couple of brands of Thai potato chips, a Snickers bar, six eggs, a crab and mayonnaise sandwich, six boxes of chocolate soy milk, two yoghurts, some gummi bears, a breakfast roll stuffed with pandan custard, and  two packets of frozen fruit juice lollies (24 lollies).

Not bad for 22 bucks, eh?