How Much Is A Flat Screen LCD Computer Monitor in Bangkok, Thailand?

ben q flat screen monitor


One of Tasty Thailand’s readers emailed me after seeing my post about the cost of electric fans in Bangkok to ask “How much are flat screen LCD computer monitors in Bangkok, Thailand?”, as she’s moving here next month and wants to buy a monitor to use as a larger screen for her laptop. Of course, flat screen LCD computer monitors have come down in price in the last couple of years but you may be surprised how much flat screen computer monitors are in Bangkok, Thailand. They’re cheap.

Looking at my local Power Buy sale flyers (I always test prices at Power Buy as they’re usually pretty close to many other low-cost stores in Bangkok). I discovered they currently have a slew of flat screen computer monitors on sale in Bangkok at very reasonable prices. These are just a few:

A Samsung 17″ flat screen monitor is currently selling for 4,090 baht ($140)

A BenQ 18.9″ flat screen monitor is selling for 2,990 baht ($103) — and let me tell you I own this monitor and couldn’t be happier with it.

An Acer 19″ flat screen monitor is selling for 3,290 baht ($112.50)

An LG 20″ flat screen monitor sells for 3,650 baht ($125.85)

A Lenovo 22″ flat screen monitor is on sale for 3,090 baht ($106.50)

An Acer 23″ sells for 5,590 baht ($192.50)

As you can see, prices vary depending on the brand of flat screen monitor you want to buy but even the more expensive brands are still very affordable.

To find out how much other flat screen computer monitors in Bangkok, Thailand are, check out Power Buy for their latest prices. Then, to calculate in US dollars, British pounds, Euros or your own currency, use the up to date exchange rate calculator at

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