How Much is a Kindle in Bangkok, Thailand?

kindle fire

If you’re thinking about buying an electronic book reader or a tablet and you’re in Bangkok, Thailand, you may be thinking about buying a Kindle. How much is a Kindle in Bangkok, Thailand though? After all, you don’t want to buy one if the cost is far more expensive than in the US or Europe. In fact, it is.

I was at B2S the other day, a Bangkok bookstore and stationary chain that is currently selling the whole range of Kindles. Their prices are relatively inexpensive but, compared to buying a Kindle direct from Amazon in the US, they’re a higher cost — between $75 and $100 more than Amazon, depending on which model you choose.

So, how much is a Kindle in Bangkok, Thailand? It depends which model you want to buy.

B2S is currently selling Kindle e-readers for these prices:

The Kindle 4 is 4,890 baht if you buy the one ‘with special offers’ (meaning advertising on the display screen – yuk!)

The Kindle 4 is 5,490 if you want to buy one ‘without special offers’ (that’s the one I’d go for).

The Kindle Keyboard with free 3G is 7,490 baht , the Kindle Touch with free 3G is 7,990 baht and the Kindle Paperwhite with Built-In Light has just gone on sale, down from 8,990 baht to 7,990.

As for the Kindle Fire — the 7″ with LCD display, Wi-Fi and 8GB is 8,900 baht.

The Kindle Fire HD with 7″ HD Display, Dolby Audio, Dual-Band Dual-Antenna Wi-Fi, 16GB is 9,900 baht.

Personally, I’m not a Kindle fan as a) I don’t see the point of just having an e-book reader and the Kindle Fire’s are low-quality compared to an iPad or a Samsung Galaxy Tab, but if you absolutely must have a Kindle, then at least this will give you some idea of the price you’ll have to pay in Bangkok.