How Much is a Samsung N9000 Galaxy Note 3 in Bangkok, Thailand?

samsung galaxy note n9000 bangkok


I was at Central Ladprao yesterday doing my usual shopping during the failed Bangkok Shutdown, and the friend I was with decided she wanted to find out how much a Samsung N9000 Galaxy Note 3 was in Bangkok, as she wanted to buy one for her husband’s birthday. Considering the N9000 Galaxy Note 3 is one of the most popular mobile phones in Thailand at the moment, I must say I was quite surprised at the cost, particularly compared to the price of the phone in the US.

How much is a Samsung N9000 Galaxy Note 3 phone in Bangkok?

We checked several telephone stores in Central Ladprao, all of which were selling the Samsung N9000 Galaxy Note 3 phone for around the same price my friend had seen it at Pantip Plaza and Fortune Town malls — between 23,000 baht ($708) at a mobile phone store in the basement of the mall to 23,900 baht ($735) at Jaymart.

Considering the same phone is selling in the US for $640 for an international unlocked version, you’re definitely going to be paying a little bit over the odds in Bangkok.

Specifications of the Samsung N9000 Galaxy Note 3 phone?

For that price in Bangkok, you get a Samsung N9000 Galaxy Note 3 phone that has a 5.7 inch display screen, 3G HSPA, 2G EDGE/GPRS, Octa core processor at 1.9 GHz, 32 gigabytes of storage, 3 gigabytes of RAM, a 13 mega-pixel rear-facing camera and a 2-megapixel front-facing camera.

Yes, it is a very nice phone, if you have 23,000-plus baht ($707) to spare. Me? It’s just a bit too large for my taste. You might think differently,