How Much is an Annual Medical Check-up at a Bangkok Private Hospital and What Do You Get?

How Much is an Annual Medical Check-up at a Bangkok Private Hospital and What Do You Get?

Tens of thousands of people visit Bangkokhailand every year for medical care, taking advantage of the country’s low-cost yet international-standard health care. Foreigners to Thailand sign up for various medical packages, but one of the most popular medical care packages is the annual medical check-up.

Offered at every private hospital in Thailand, and often at rates less than 25% the cost of the United States, getting an annual check-up in Thailand is cheap, fast and, for most, quite painless. If you’re thinking of having an annual check-up the next time you’re in Bangkok, here are the types of packages you can buy and what each package usually includes.

Getting an Annual Medical Check-Up in Bangkok – I’ve lived in Thailand for years so, every year, I head to my local private hospital to have an annual medical check-up. When I first moved to the country, I inquired at a number of Bangkok private hospitals, to find out what each annual medical check-up package included and how much each cost.

Every private hospital in Bangkok offers various levels of care, depending on if you want a basic annual check-up or a more involved one. Prices begin at approximately $100 and go up to $700, depending on how many tests and exams you wish to have. Prices also usually vary slightly for men and women, with packages for women slightly more expensive due to the slightly more tests required for things like reproductive health and various types of ‘female’ cancer testing.

I always choose a basic annual medical check-up which, priced at around $150, tests me for anything I consider necessary. I’m relatively young and very healthy and, other than my annual check-up, I’ve only been to see a doctor once in the last 25 years. If you’re older or in ill health, choosing a higher level package than the basic one might be prudent.

Levels of Annual Medical Check-up Packages in Bangkok – After researching various levels of package at six private hospitals in Bangkok, with just a few minor differences, most of the hospitals offer similar packages.┬áThe difference is only in location of the hospital (ie: more convenient or less) and price.

After much research, I chose to have my annual check-ups at Paolo Memorial Hospital, one of the ‘mid-range private hospitals’ specializing in health care for foreign residents or foreign expats living in Thailand. Their care has been extraordinary for me, their staff is lovely and their prices extremely reasonable. For annual medical check-up packages at Paulo Memorial Hospital (and again, every other hospital is similar), here’s what you can expect:

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Basic Level Package – In the basic level package, the tests you’ll get include Complete Blood Count (CBC), Fasting Blood Sugar (to test for diabetes), Liver Function Test, Kidney Function Test, Urine Analysis, Stool Examination, a PSA test (for your prostate health, for men) a Pelvic Exam and Pap Smear (for women), a Chest X-Ray, an EKG, an Eye Exam, a Dental Exam, and a Full Examination by a GP (General Practitioner – doctor).

The cost for this? Currently 5,900 baht (approximately $196). A low-cost unheard of in the United States.

Mid-Level Package – All of the above for the Basic Level Package PLUS…..a higher level Liver Function Test, an Ultrasound of Entire Abdomen, an Ankle-Brachial Index (testing blood pressure in lower legs to blood pressure in arms), for women a Mammogram and Breast Ultrasound, a 1 Point Bone Density Test and Bone and Joint Counseling by an Orthopedist.

The cost for this package is 11,900 baht ($395) for men and 12,900 baht ($430) for women.

Top-Level Package – The highest level packages include everything in the Mid-Level Package PLUS….a more involved Kidney Function Test, a Lipid Profile, Uric Acid Gout Screening, Thyroid Testing, a 2 or 3 Point Bone Density Test (depending on if you’re male or female), an Exercise Stress Test, Teeth Panoramic X-Rays, an Echocardiogram, and Scaling and Polishing of your teeth.

This highest package is in the range of 23,900 baht($796) for men, 25,900 baht ($856) for women.

All of these annual medical check-up packages include an English translator who is with you at all times you’re at the hospital and priority treatment, meaning there is no waiting time to see a doctor, or get the tests done etc. You will also receive the results of many of the tests within just a few hours – not days, like in an American hospital.

For more information on various packages (Paulo Memorial Hospital offers six levels), check out the Paolo Memorial Hospital website.