How much is Som Tam in Thailand? It depends where you buy it

How much does Som Tam cost in Thailand?

If you have spent any time in Thailand, or eaten at one of the tens of thousands of Thai restaurants worldwide, you have probably eaten Som Tam — a spicy green papaya salad loved by millions.

Along with Pad Thai, Som Tam is one of the most famous Thai dishes and, even in Thailand, tens of thousands of portions are eaten of it every day.

The cost of Som Tam in Thailand, however, is quite a bit less than it is in Thai restaurants in most other places in the world.

How much less, and how much is Som Tam in Thailand?

It depends on where you buy it.

In fact, according to a recent survey by the Thai Ministry of Commerce, the price of Som Tam in Thailand varies quite drastically from province to province.

The cheapest Som Tam in Thailand seems to be in Si Sa Ket, where it generally sells for 30 baht a portion.

You would, of course, think Som Tam would be the most expensive in Bangkok. After all, it is Thailand’s capital city, and capital cities worldwide tend to be expensive.

Not in this case.

In fact, Som Tam in Bangkok is only 5 baht more expensive than in Si Sa Ket at 35 baht, or just over $1 a portion.

So where is the most expensive Som Tam in Thailand sold?

In Krabi, with the Ministry of Commerce discovering the spicy dish typically sells for 60 baht. Double the price of Si Sa Ket, and almost double the price of Bangkok.

In other words, if you have a hankering for Som Tam, it might pay you to eat it in Bangkok or Si Sa Ket and not in Krabi as, away from that expensive province you could eat two portions for the price of just one.

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