How Thai Women Make Men Fall In Love With Them (And You Can Too)

I live in Thailand, which although it has an ill-deserved reputation for sex and prostitution, in reality many single Thai women are naive about sex. When dating, even seriously dating someone for many years, many of them are still virgins when they marry, yet they’re experts at getting men to fall in love with them.

As a Western woman who is more used to the freedom of sexual relationships in the West, to some extent I now find myself agreeing with the Thai way and admiring Thai women and here’s why.

Men Don’t Respect Women Who Have Sex on the First Date. You can rationalize this all you want, but the truth is 99.9% of men have little respect for a woman who will sleep with them on the first date. Sure, you can say Ï don’t normally do this” and they will nod and act like they believe you. Secretly though they are thinking, if you will do this with them, how many other men have you done it with?

And that in itself is an immediate relationship killer.

Thai women who are ‘good girls’ definitely don’t have sex on the first date yet, in Thailand, I see a huge amount of respect for the women Thai guys are dating. Some of the guys I know have been dating the same woman for several years but are adamant that sex will be saved for marriage.

Yet they treat their girlfriends like princesses, and Thai women demand and expect this.

Men Like A Challenge. Men are socialized to have to compete for everything. Even the ones who tell you they don’t like women who are a challenge, it’s not true. Men are used to having to compete in work, sports, business and relationships.

So a woman who is a challenge is automatically someone men will work to get to know better. Once you’ve had sex with them, the challenge is over. As my mother always told me, “Why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free”. A little crass and blunt maybe, but so true.

Thai women are always a challenge because they don’t talk to a guy first, they don’t pursue a guy and they don’t give up their friends when a new man appears on the scene. Thai women make men work for them and that’s probably why Thai men adore them so much.

Men Like Mystery. If you have sex with a man on the first few dates (or even in the first few months), the mystery has gone. Men fall in love while they’re imagining what could be. Once they’ve experienced it, the mystery is gone and there’s no impetus to try harder.

This is when they normally start looking for another woman. It is also why I make absolutely sure I’m in love with someone and him with me before I go anywhere near the bedroom, and if that takes months or years, so be it.

Thai women are masters at this and it’s probably why they have Thai guys hanging around for years, even though they’ve never even managed to have sex with them yet. Thai women also are very private about personal things in their lives. So the Thai guy always feels that element of mystery around his girlfriend or wife.

Men Do Love Romance. New studies show that men actually do like romance and fall in love just as deeply, if not more so, than women do. For men, they are often in love a long time before they’ will admit it to themselves or to anyone else, so keeping the romance going means a guy will be in love that much longer. Not having sex with a guy keeps the romance going and keeps the man interested in you.

Think of the old-fashioned movies and books, where the real romance was, and how many of the men in those movies and books were so in love with the women they would do anything for them.

Thai women always act in a romantic way and Thai women also dress in a feminine way. They wear high heels, cute skirts and blouses, have beautiful long hair, manicured nails and perfect make-up. They hang out in big groups of women friends and always look sweet and feminine.

Consequently, Thai guys will drive halfway across the country for their girlfriends, help them with boring family things, bring them food every lunch time, go pick them up wherever they are and drive them home, and generally make sure their every need is satisfied. It’s romantic helping your girlfriend and Thai men love doing it.

So, if you want a guy to fall in love with you, maybe you should try the Thai way. Thai men idolize the women they are with. Don’t you want that too?

Photo – Three of the Thai girls I used to teach (dressed up in traditional costume). Even at 15 years old, they already know how to treat boys so that the boys are completely in love with them 🙂