How to correct wrong stamp on one-year multiple-entry visa for Thailand?

If you have a one-year multiple-entry visa for Thailand, whether that is a Business visa, an Education visa, a Non-Immigrant, Retirement, Student or Marriage visa, you probably travel in and out of Thailand at various times during the year.

At one of these times, you may have been given a wrong stamp.

For instance, a 30-day stamp was stamped into your passport at Immigration by mistake as you entered Thailand, when you should have been given the usual 90-day stamp.

If you did not check your passport at the time it was stamped, you may now be in Thailand and worrying that you have the wrong stamp in your passport. Especially as you think this may null and void your one-year multiple-entry visa.

How do you correct a wrong stamp on a one-year multiple-entry visa for Thailand so it does not? Is it even possible.

How to get a wrong stamp changed for a correct one

Do not worry, as this type of mistake happens in Thailand all the time.

For instance, I have had at least 12 one-year multiple-entry visas for Thailand, and during my travels in and out of the country, have had my passport stamped with the wrong stamp twice.

The second time it happened, I checked my passport as I went through Immigration, noticed the stamp was incorrect and immediately went back and pointed that out to Immigration staff.

The stamp was changed on the spot to the correct 90-day stamp, and I happily went on my way.

The first time it happened, though, I neglected to check the stamp, and so did not notice until a few days later. Having lived in Thailand for many years at that point, though, I did not worry too much.

After all, most mistakes that are made by Thai immigration (and, for most people, they are very few), are easily fixable.

So off I headed to Bangkok’s main Immigration Bureau at the Chaeng Wattana Government Complex.

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How to get a wrong stamp on a one-year visa in Thailand changed to the correct one at the Immigration Bureau

While this does require a bit of a schlep up to Bangkok’s main Immigration Bureau at Chaeng Wattana, it is not difficult to get the stamp changed to the correct one.

Upon arrival at Chaeng Wattana, find the Immigration Bureau and tell the people at the information desk what you need — ie: a wrong stamp on your one-year visa changed to the correct one.

They will give you a small piece of paper with a number on it, and direct you to the right bank of chairs where you should then sit.

Your number will be called within a few minutes.

Walk into the small cubicle where your number has been called and explain to the Immigration officer what happened. It should take less than a minute for the officer to change your stamp to a correct one, and you can then go on your way.

There will not be a fee to pay either. Just the inconvenience of having to travel to the Immigration Office and wait.

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