How to Find Out if Your House is Under Water in Bangkok? Is My House Flooded Can Help You

If you are currently away from Bangkok and worried about your house, or have friends in the city and want to know if they are under water, there is a handy website that can tell you.

All you need to know is the zip code of the house and the website ‘Is My House Flooded’ will tell you the percentage of chance your house is under water. 100% you are in trouble. 2%, hardly likely.

At 20% the little square goes red, warning of danger.

Our area, which is next in the path of the flood, (near the Mall Ngam Wong Wan) is currently at 7% and, so far, we cannot see any water anywhere yet.

But….be aware, Thais talk about an area “flooding” even when it is only a couple of centimeters deep

Water that shouldn’t be there is a “flood” in Thai language so, just because the website shows 100%, it may not be up to waist high but only 10 centimeters or so.