How to find out what time it is in Thailand no matter where you are in the world

One of the handy things I have used for a long time when outside the country, and needing to find out what time it is in Thailand, is an online time convertor.

A time convertor allows you to plug in the time in the country or city you want to call, Skype or know about compared to the place where you are currently located.

I have used a time convertor to find out what time it is in Thailand from Spain, France, the United States, the UK, Taiwan, Japan, Brazil and a whole slew of other countries.

After all, if I need to Skype my Thai best friend or talk to a co-worker by phone, I don’t want to wake them up at the crack of dawn because my time calculations were off.


What is an online time convertor and how does it help you find the time in Thailand?

An online time convertor is actually a simple thing.

It allows you to choose the place whose time you wish to know — in my case, usually Bangkok — and then compare it to the time of the place where you are currently located.

That means, if you are in Paris and need to know the time in Bangkok, you choose those two cities in the boxes provided and then click the button that says ‘Convert Time Now‘.

The time in Bangkok will then pop up on the screen, along with whether Bangkok or Paris currently has Daylight Saving Time in effect.


Different online time convertor settings

What is even better about an online time convertor is you can choose to convert the time zone you are currently in at the time it is now, or you can choose a date or time in the future or the past.

That allows you to check times on phone calls or Skype calls you may need to make later today, tomorrow or next week, or check the time of an event that happened last year in the place it happened in.

It also allows you to calculate times in places you may be traveling to in the future, compared to the time in Thailand.

The time zone convertor I use is one simply called Time Zone Convertor (it doesn’t get any easier than that). It’s interface is extremely simple, but it does exactly what I want it to do every time.

The last time I used it was this morning as, currently being outside Thailand, I needed to talk to my partner back in Bangkok and I needed to do it before 3pm Thai time.

30 seconds later I knew the time I needed to call, and I went ahead and did that.