How to Get Cheap Airfares From Bangkok to Singapore


Singapore is one of south east Asia’s most visited destinations, particularly if you live, travel or work in Bangkok, Thailand. Just over a two hour flight from Bangkok, Singapore is the region’s most developed country, which is why Bangkokians love to go there. Wonderful for shopping, dining, and a true upscale lifestyle, going to Singapore is even better if you can get a cheap flight. Luckily, if you’re in Bangkok, getting cheap plane tickets, one-way or round-trip, to Singapore is easy. In fact, never pay full price again if you follow these quick trips.

Check Air Asia First – If you live in Bangkok and know anything about getting cheap flights to Singapore you always check Air Asia first. Air Asia is the region’s top budget airline and almost always offers the cheapest plane tickets to any destination they fly.

Get a quote at Air Asia’s website or at one of the many Air Asia ticket booths around the city. With flights beginning as cheap as $60 one-way (plus taxes and fees) or $110 round-trip (plus taxes and fees), few airlines consistently manage to beat Air Asia’s cheap prices.

Be aware though, the price you see on Air Asia’s first website screen is not the full price you pay. They add on taxes, fuel surcharges and, for Singapore (whose Changi Airport seems very greedy), a ‘security fee’, an ‘airport fee’, ‘aviation levy’, and ‘passenger service fee’. On most flights this adds an additional $26 (approximate fee), not Air Asia’s fault but because Singapore’s Changi Airport is gouging its passengers.

Tiger Airways – Another budget airline operating in the region, Tiger Airway’s flights from Bangkok to Singapore are inexpensive and reliable. On Tiger Airways, you can book a flight one-way for as cheap as 1,714 baht ($57, with current exchange rate) and as they run a lot of promotions (they’re trying to undercut Air Asia), you can sometimes get a deal on Tiger Airways you may not get on Air Asia.

Unlike Air Asia, Tiger Airways does not add a fuel surcharge. Plus, if you sign up as a member, you can get access to special promotions non-members are not eligible for, and some of these are dirt cheap.

Book your flights on their website. It’s fast and easy.

Avoid Thai Airways – One of the most expensive airlines in the area, Thai Airways has a poor reputation in Thailand by both Thais and foreigners. Their service is spotty, their flight attendants not always polite to Thais (they’re lovely to foreigners) and, with flights often more than double the price of their closest competitior, you’ll rarely get a good deal on Thai Airways.

As an example, where Air Asia and Tiger Airways are currently running average round-trip flights from Bangkok to Singapore for less than 6,000 baht ($204.20), the cheapest flights available on Thai Airways for the same time period are 12,545 baht ($426.70).

Book a Short-Term Package Deal – The last time I flew from Bangkok to Singapore I got an incredibly cheap airfare as I booked a short-term package deal. Available through just about any Bangkok travel agent, they consist of round-trip flights, two to three nights in a Singapore hotel and often extras like a city tour, a free dinner or tickets to a Singapore event or amusement park.

On my last trip, I booked a package deal through a travel agent and flying on Swiss Air. The round-trip flight, three nights in a hotel and a private three-hour tour of Singapore (just me and the tour guide and driver), only cost me $400 and, on the return flight, I flew business class as that’s all they had available. Had I been able to get economy class, the fare would have been even cheaper.

Flying from Bangkok to Singapore cheaply is easy to do if you just follow these suggestions. Run a cost comparison on every option before you book, and you’ll end up with the best deal available at that particular time.