How to Help Bell Nuntita Win Next Round of Thailand’s Got Talent May 1st


Just in case you haven’t heard, the next round of Thailand’s Got Talent (semi-final)  for Bell Nuntita, Thailand’s most famous ladyboy, is on Sunday May 1st. Bell will be singing a new song and has been promoting her upcoming appearance all over the internet, hoping people will vote for her to move her on to the next round.

I’m a huge fan, so will be doing what I can to make sure Bell Nuntita wins Thailand’s Got Talent – and, if you want to help, here’s how.

On Sunday, between 17:45 to 19:00 (TH time +7 Timezone), make sure you send an SMS  containing the voting code “TGT29” to 4838999. Every vote through that will go to Bell with, hopefully, enough people doing it she’ll end up eventually through to the finals and onto winning the whole competition.