How to Lay Sandbags in Bangkok’s Floods – Your House Will Flood If You Don’t Do It Correctly

At Tasty Thailand we are fascinated by the use of sandbags in Bangkok. Sandbags that are used in an attempt to stop floods reaching into houses and other buildings.

In just about every area sandbags are being used, they are just not working, with flood waters appearing in the building they are trying to protect within just a few hours.

That is one reason why the King of Thailand, who is an incredibly intelligent man, gave a speech last week in which he mentioned that in many cases people were not laying the sandbags correctly.

If they continued to do this, the sandbags would not work to block flood water.

In our area of Bangkok, that is also what we have seen – sandbags that will stop the water flowing in for about 10 minutes at the most.

That is why, if you haven’t laid sandbags around your property in Bangkok yet, you may want to look at an excellent PDF file from the Environment Agency in the UK.

Read it before you start and you may stand more of a chance of saving your property from flooding.