How To Take a Bike Tour In Bangkok, Thailand – See The City From Two Wheels

Taking a half-day or full-day bike tour through Bangkok, Thailand is a new and popular way for tourists to see the city. Several reputable tour companies run bike tours through Bangkok and specialize in taking tourists on bike rides through areas of the city they’re not likely to see any other way.

For a great way to get a unique perspective of Bangkok and its people, enjoy a half or full-day bike ride is the way to go.

Who Runs Bike Tours? – There are several companies that have bike tours through Bangkok and out into the suburbs. Some specialize in only bike tours, others run them as part of a group of tours they offer tourists. My recommendation would be to stick with a company that only does bike tours. They know their stuff and, as they’re so in love with what they do, they pass that energy onto you too.

Is a Half or Full-Day Bike Tour Better? – Honestly, it depends on you. It also depends on your stamina and how well you think you can handle the extremely hot and humid Bangkok weather. It’s not abnormal to have temperatures over 100 degrees with 90% humidity so, if you’re not used to heat, taking a half-day Bangkok bike tour that starts early morning may be better for you.

However, if heat doesn’t bother you and you’re an avid biker, the full-day is usually a better deal.

Cost of Bangkok Bike Tours – Obviously, costs vary depending on which company you use and also which tour you decide to take. Half-day tours are cheaper than full-day tours and, for one company, the ‘Classical Tour’ is $10 cheaper than the Chinatown tour.

Half-day bike tours, at most companies, are between 800 and 1,000 baht ($24.75-$30). Full-day tours around 1,900 baht ($57).

What Will You See on a Bike Tour? – Most bike tour companies take you to areas of Bangkok not seen by tourists. You can bike through the winding streets of Chinatown. You’ll see shrines, temples, historical places, fish and flower markets. You’ll cycle or bridges, take your bike on the sky train, even ride a ferry across the Chao Praya River to Chonburi.

On the full-day tours, after seeing some of Bangkok’s unusual city streets, you’ll take a train ride 30 kilometers out of the city, where you’ll cycle through rice fields and plantations. See wooden houses on wooden stilts and rivers packed with fish. You’ll have lunch at a local cafe and come back on a long-tailed boat.

What Do Bike Tours Include? – They include one to two guides and the bike. They also include boat and train costs, bottled water and drinks, and the full-day tour includes lunch.

If you’re going to be in Bangkok and looking for a unique way to see the real Thailand, get away from the tourist areas on a Bangkok bike tour. The price is reasonable and the experience will be one you’ll never forget.

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