I Love DTAC Mobile Phone Service – It’s the Best Cell Phone Service I’ve Ever Had


Sometimes, you just have to say when you love a product or service and I LOVE DTAC.

When I first moved to Thailand, I bought a DTAC sim card on the recommendation of a friend and topped it up with a DTAC top up card. Eight years later, I still have that same DTAC sim card and DTAC phone number and, boy, is it just about the best thing I’ve ever bought in Thailand.

DTAC always works. In eight years of using it, I’ve never had a disruption of service. When I travel, I can get cell phone connection anywhere in Thailand and, on a recent trip to Europe, my DTAC phone service was buzzing me with happy text messages about international roaming and SMS service the minute my plane touched down in Spain.

I love DTAC. It’s convenient to get connected to, it’s always reliable, its rates are cheap and there’s never any problems with it. Ever.

It’s really no wonder DTAC won a Best Mobile Operator of Thailand award for three consecutive years (2005–2007) from Asian MobileNews Awards.

It’s also just one reason why I recommend DTAC to every new person who arrives in Thailand and is looking for cell phone connection. In fact, over the years, I’ve recommended DTAC to hundreds of people, most of whom have signed up for their service, and all of whom love it just as much as I do.

DTAC? You don’t get better than this.